Massive List of Resources for Becoming a Digital Nomad

If you’ve been thinking about becoming a digital nomad, of traveling the world while you work online, I’m sharing a massive list of resources to help you get going. I’ve been nomading for almost a decade on and off (I’ve come to realize my sweet spot is keeping a base, which I return to every few years or sometimes months).

I’ve learned a lot during this time and I’ve used many of these resources. There are some resources that I haven’t used but have heard of. I’m sharing as many as I can so you have options to do your own research and choose what’s best for you.

I’ve divided the resources into four categories (Digital Nomad Lifestyle, Supporting Yourself, Health & Safety, and Logistics).


Finding Short-Term Accommodation

  1. Outsite (20+ locations on 4 continents)
  2. Selina (50+ locations on 5 continents)
  3. Airbnb

(Also, once you’re in a location you can use Facebook Marketplace to search for apartments and of course pound the pavement and connect with people to find available listings.)

Meeting People

4. You can find meetup groups and events specific to your interests and hobbies. For example, I joined several writing meetups and events when I was in Lisbon, Portugal.

5. Facebook. Search for and join Facebook groups for the location and ask about accommodation/read comments/connect with people. For example, if you want to go to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, search for ‘nomads in playa del carmen’ or ‘expats in playa del carmen’, etc.

The groups are great for connecting with people, but also they’ll often post meetups and events you can attend.

More tips on meeting people in the nomad community:

6. It’s also easier to meet people when staying in hostels and also co-loving (like Outsite).

Co-Working spaces throughout the world may sometimes have a community vibe and activities specifically for nomads. This is especially true in digital nomad hub cities like Bansko, Bulgaria, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Lisbon Portugal, etc.


There are three main ways to work online and support yourself while traveling. I’m sharing resources for all three options.

Option #1 Turn Your Current Job Remote

7. How to Convince Your Boss to Let You Work Remotely

8. How to Write a Proposal to Your Boss So You Can Work Remotely

Option #2 Find a Remote Job

9. I curate a list of remote-friendly companies that are hiring. Find the list >> HERE<<

In addition to my list, here are a few platforms for finding remote work:

10. Flexjobs

11. JustRemote

12. VirtualVocations

13. Remotive




17. Cambly

18. iTalki

19. REV

20. FancyHands

Tips for Getting a Remote Job

Did you know most job openings are never listed publicly? According to Matt Youngquist, the president of Career Horizons, upwards of 80% of all job openings are not advertised. So, the best way to get a job is through networking.

21. How to network for a job: A Successful Job Search: It’s All About Networking

22. 7 Powerful Tips to Get a Remote Job

23. How to write a descriptive cover letter

24. LinkedIn is one of the BEST ways to get a job. If you feel shy using the platform, here are tips for messaging a LinkedIn recruiter

OPTION #3 Start to Freelance/Location Independent Business/Start a Side-Hustle That You Can Grow into a Full-Time Business

25. Excellent book -> The Freelancer Manifesto by Steve Roller

Because I’m a writer, I’m also specifically sharing a few tips for freelance writing

26. Article by Mridu Khullar Relph of 6 essential traits of query letters that work: The International Freelancer

27. The Upside Down Model That Will Transform Your Pitching: Blog post on Side Hustle Nation. It features an uncommon way to find writing clients and pitching opportunities.

28. The Blogging Pitch Template That Gets You a Yes by Haneef Davenport (Post featured on Sophie Lizard’s Be a Freelance Blogger). A detailed breakdown (+ template) of a guest blog pitch.

29. 10 Freelance Writer Website Examples Examples of freelance writing portfolios + a portfolio creation tool.

30. 50 Ways to Make Money As a Writer by Alexandra Franzen Ideas for making money writing (that you may not have heard of).

31. Demand is high for Skilled Writers in the Tech Industry. Want In? [free email course] by Kimmoy Matthews of Keeping up with Kimmoy & Tech Copy Expert.

32. 6 Freelance Niches That Are Often Overlooked on Freelance Writing features uncommon writing niches.

33. Podcast with tons of ideas and interviews with people who’ve grown side hustles into full-time incomes:


Health/Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

34. Safety Wing

35. World Nomads

36. Integra Global

37. True Traveller (EEA citizens)

38. IMG Health Insurance (US citizens)

Safety Tips

39. Article featuring 5 Safety Tips for Female Digital Nomads, written by yours truly 🙂


Mail Forwarding Services

40. Traveling Mailbox (US)

41. UK Postbox (UK)

Banking and Finances

Popular nomad banking resources. Based on your home country, you may or may not be eligible for each of these accounts. Do your research.

42. Wise

43. Revolut

44. N26

45. Charles Schwab

46. Voyage Travel Apps

Booking Flights

47. Skyscanner

48. Google Flights

As of March 31 st, 2022, there are many countries offering some type of digital nomad visa.

I’m only featuring the latest ones here.

49. maintains a list of digital nomad visas. Find the list HERE.

50. Latest Countries to Offer Digital Nomad Visas:

(This is just the latest countries to offer some form of nomad visa. Search online to find the full list and also to contact the relevant embassies for further information. )

Caribbean Islands Offering Digital Nomad Visas

Antigua and Barbuda

The Cayman Islands


Saint Lucia

I will be updating this list monthly on my website.

Originally published at on April 1, 2022.



I write about nomadism, writing, and emerging blockchain technology.

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