5 Habits of a Travel Addict

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A travel addict is someone who loves travel more than the average person. I’m using the word addict with slight exaggeration here.

Do you travel as much as you can, as far and wide as you can? During times when you don’t travel much, do you feel a gaping hole in your life? If this sounds like you, maybe you’re a travel addict. I definitely am.

Here are five qualities of a travel addict:

1. You plan and book travel arrangements, regardless of whether friends/family can come along.

You make travel plans and follow through with them. Period. Whether or not anyone can come along, you’re booking what you want to book. If they can join you, fine. If they can’t, also fine. You’ve got places to go and going solo is no less appealing than going with others.

In fact, you sometimes enjoy solo travel more (less need to coordinate travel plans with others). Plus, over the years you’ve learned that people can be flaky. They say they want to go places, but then cancel when it’s time to show up… and pay. You don’t have time for that.

You’re going places regardless, with others or solo. The world awaits!

2. You keep a bucket list of ideas for places you’d like to go and things you want to do.

Whether you keep a notebook or save bookmarks on your computer or you maintain a mental list, you’re constantly adding to this never-ending lineup of places to see and things to do all over the globe.

Your list may include risk-taking adventures in remote places or foody-inspired locations you’ve just got to indulge in. But regardless of the specifics, you’ve got a list. And you’re always adding to it.

Whenever you hear of a new location or activity, your interest is sparked and you add another item to this list that never seems to end. And you’re perfectly okay with that. In fact, adding a new item to the list is exciting.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

3. You don’t give a f*ck about negative remarks regarding your travels from coworkers (and even friends/family).

Do you notice people love to express how they feel about your travel? They share comments and remarks about your upcoming plans or past travels. Sometimes they’re positive remarks, but other times they’re expressions slyly tinged with jealousy and hate. But here’s the deal…

…you’re a travel fiend. You were born for this and you just don’t give a damn.

Coworkers and summer-time friends, be damned. Neither their snarky opinions nor their hate disguised as flattery will stop you. You’re going to go where you want to go.

They don’t pay for your bills or your travel arrangements. So their opinions are irrelevant. You’ve built up an amour of ‘I don’t give AF. I’m doing what I do and going where I go.’ That’s the only way to be.

4. You regularly spend hours scouring apps and sites for travel deals.

Many people wonder where to get the latest travel deals. But you don’t have to wonder. You already know.

You’ve spent many an evening scrolling through web apps on the verge of booking an amazing deal.

Some people you know wonder how you can afford to travel near and far? They wonder because they’re not clued up on some of the amazing deals that are possible.

They also don’t spend time shopping for deals. They wait for a vacation opportunity and then start thinking and planning. Not you.

You’re actively looking for deals and there’s always a way to make your life fit around your travel, not the other way around.

5. When shopping for clothes, you often envision yourself wearing an outfit on an upcoming trip.

Your next trip is always in the back of your mind. When you’re searching for inspiration online and even when you’re doing casual activities, like shopping, you’re picturing yourself on your next jaunt.

See a cute outfit or pair of shoes? You start wondering if it’d be comfortable or stylish enough for your upcoming trip. Or you start imagining yourself wearing the outfit as you stroll through your next destination. It’s less whether the outfit will look good on you and more whether it’ll look good on the streets of Rio or Lisbon or wherever.

Travel addicts love to travel because it renews us. We get to see and feel new experiences with eyes wide open and a sense of curiosity and adventure, which is lacking in our routine lives. And for just a few moments, we’re alive again.

Can you think of any other habits of travel lovers?

Originally published at https://adventurousnerd.com on July 26, 2021.

I write about personal development, writing, nomadism, and self-care.

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Alicia Joy

Alicia Joy

I write about personal development, writing, nomadism, and self-care.

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